Organizational/Personal Integrative Health – Through Mindfulness, Experiential Anatomy and Tai Chi/Qi Gong Techniques

by Linda Peck M.ED Mind Body Practice, Kineseology, and Arts Integration

Workshops and Classes for: Organizations, Hospitals, Colleges and Schools

The mind and the body are essentially inseparable. Our mind and body are constantly communicating and the relationship between them is complex. Our minds affect how healthy our bodies are, and the inverse is true as well. Despite rigorous attention to our professional or personal lives, many things - for example stress, anxiety, cognitive fusion or habitual patterns of thought, among other things - can contribute to us missing signs and cues that can lead to a destructive direction. Anxiety has circuits that connect directly to pain response.

Merging science and evidence-based practice, Chinese history and mindfulness with the wisdom of Tai Chi, this class is a system of flowing movements, Eastern medicine principles that address the whole body in preventative and curative fashion, and the practice of experiencing information coming into your senses in real time, not past or future. In this frenetic world, Tai Chi acts as a therapeutic, transformational system that helps us to move with the world in both a literal and physical sense, as well as in a more abstract tranquil sense.

Through the art of Chinese brush painting, push hands, gestures, forms, mindfulness techniques and a new way of processing, participants are better equipped to handle stressful situations, are less often off-balance either physically, emotionally or mentally, and learn to respond more effectively to whatever is offered.

As a basis, this seminar is designed to promote the circulation of Qi (energy), breath, blood flow, mind clarity, relaxed but laser concentration, insight, and neuroplasticity, which helps to rid participants of distractions, and eliminates un-productive, habitual patterns of thought, or treadmill mind. Learning about how the Chinese culture through art and a focus on mind-body practices, can lead us from distraction to satisfaction in our lives. It enhances communication, ways of knowing and sensing information, and acts to reframe our humanity.

Waiting to go into an operation for terminal brain cancer, I practiced the Tai Chi techniques Linda Peck taught me in the past two years. I remember so vividly the positive energy, and Linda’s guidance and mindful techniques as I was wheeled in. Linda has come to my home these months and worked with me on deficits from the surgery and I am healing. Her ability to connect the ideas behind what Tai Chi means and teaching me techniques I can rely on myself when she is not with me have been priceless. I gave her a book from Harvard Medical School on the benefits of Tai Chi and told her she could have written it! -- Susan Platt, Silkscreen Artist, Greenfield MA

Mind-Body Practice Leads to Improvements in:

I attended a Tai Chi/Qi Gong class in Northampton taught by Linda Peck and was surprised. I am Chinese and just came to the US and wasn’t expecting it to be so traditional. She is the closest thing I have found to authentic Chinese teaching and knows many of our customs. She has added her own teaching which is interesting and valuable. My colleagues would be interested in her unique yet traditional style. -- Yichi Zhang, Freshman, University of Massachusetts (Hometown: CHEN VILLAGE - Hunan Province, China)

This Mind-Body seminar and practice unlocks the latent power of accessing and interpreting the world from the inside out. It is designed to promote emotional calm, mental focus, extended lifespan, vigorous health and the ability to deal more productively with life’s circumstances. In addition, participants will:

Linda Peck – M.ED 2016 – Presenter/Instructor - Health/Life Practitioner

Linda Peck has been developing and implementing MindBody techniques over the last 20 years, using her seminars to infuse her unique mechanisms of Mindfulness, Tai Chi, and Mime into Universities, Hospitals, Alternative Health, Humanities Programs and more. Linda holds a certification in Tai Chi from the Chinese Tai Chi Association, will be receiving her M.ED in in Arts Integration and Mindfulness in May of 2016, and has extensive training in kinesiology and psychobiological techniques. She has presented for Wellness Education departments including Amherst College, teaches at Greenfield Movement Studio and has a private practice working with clients struggling with cancer, Parkinson’s, depression, joint replacement, and stress-related illnesses. Linda’s quest to perceive what is needed in each individual and to discover a pathway for that person to pursue their own well-being, took two paths: an allopathic approach through Tai Chi and a Humanistic approach through mindfulness. The MindBody Project represents the convergence of these two paths.

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